B2Brouter allows you to send invoices through PEPPOL for free. You can do it following the next steps:

  1. Make a request to start using PEPPOL.
  2. Create the receiver company.
  3. Create and send the invoice.

Create the invoice

In order to create an invoice, you need to access to the “Invoices” section, located in the superior menu. Once you are inside this section, click on the “New” green button and select “Invoice” from the drop-down. Following the last steps, you will have access to the invoice creation form:

  • Select the receiver in the drop-down related to the “client” line.
  • Fill in the boxes with the information that your invoice needs to include

On the left part of the screen, you can find a blue menu with all the different points that an invoice contains. You can click on any of the points in order to have access to them, nevertheless, you can also access to them clicking on the “Continue” button, located at the end of each point. Access to the point “2.Lines” in order to inform the lines and the taxes of your invoice:

  • In the taxes area, select from the drop-down the taxes you need to include.

  • Create each line writing in the “description” box. The “quantity” box is related to the amount of product or service, while the “price” box is related to the unit price.
  • You can create more than a line using the “New line” green button.

Regarding the point “3. Payment method”, it is created to select the payment method you want to use, the bank account and the term:

  • Select the payment method from the drop-down “Payment Method”.
  • Select the due date from the drop-down “Term”.
  • Select the bank account from the drop-down “Receive payment in this account”.

Once completed the invoice creation process, click on the “Save and preview” button, located in the right inferior part of the form.

Send the invoice

It is important to check all the provided information after completing the invoice creation process.  If everything is correct, you would be able to send the invoice clicking on the “Send” button, located in the invoice menu, on the top of the invoice.