Save time

Forget about having to enter all your invoices into the system. Import in XML format as they appear in your management program, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

Define your templates

Simplify your work and do not forget any invoice creating recurring invoice templates. B2Brouter will remember to make your invoices when necessary.

Customise your account

Adapt the service to your needs. Register new users, enter multiple account numbers, obtain your own certificate for electronic invoice signatures or configure different PDF formats.

Avoid loss of information

Save your invoices with complete security on the cloud for as long as you need and with total peace of mind. B2Brouter will make backup copies to ensure you don’t lose them.

Connect to online banking

We make collection even easier when generating your electronic invoice. We create SEPA direct debit XML files so you can upload them to your online bank with just one click.

Control what you send

Few programs let you generate an electronic invoice with status information available at all times. Access lists and statistics and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Prepare your quotes

Create new quotes for each project with different customers. You can generate the electronic invoice directly when the order is accepted with just one click.

Use with ease

An online electronic invoicing program with all the functions offered by B2Brouter is even more useful when it’s easy to use. This is why we’ve designed a simple, friendly and intuitive environment.

Ask us whatever you want

You are our priority. Whatever your doubt, ask us or let us know if you have an incident with your invoices. We’re here to help you and we know what to do.

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