Start receiving electronic orders from your buyers.

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Confirm your orders

Receive e-mail notifications when electronic orders are received and use the web portal to confirm, reject or modify them with just one click.

Flip e-orders to e-invoices

Structured data allows for automatic flipping of your received e-orders into e-invoices to be sent to your buyer. Streamline the process to get the payment for your products earlier.

Register in PEPPOL

Be registered in the PEPPOL Directory (and the SMP) to let your buyers know they can reach you and send you e-orders. On-board your buyers.

Gain more customers

You can start diving into the PEPPOL network easily. First using a web portal with a small yearly fee where you can grasp the benefits of receiving more orders.

You’ll be known in the PEPPOL Directory, you’ll be reachable and ready. Every buyer in PEPPOL network will be able to start sending you orders.

You can start replying to those orders from the B2Brouter Portal, converting them to invoices in order to shorten the Purchase-To-Pay process. When the number gets high, you will be able to connect ERP system to avoid rekeying information.

All features

Automate your sales

Being in the PEPPOL Directory means more potential customers will reach you. You will be exposed and your customers will recognize a leading company, ready for the exchange of procurement documents using the best B2B techniques and an open and reliable network.

No more paper based orders. No more lost emails. You can get your orders directly into your ERP system and process them according to your best practices.

You will be able to quickly or even automatically respond to the received orders based on the existences on your warehouses. You’ll be able to automate the kick off for the delivery of goods and the submission of electronic invoices. Get paid faster.

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If you need to connect to PEPPOL, here you have the safest and easiest way.

Besides the Access Point service, B2Brouter provides registration capabilities through its own PEPPOL SMP registry, and integration services for electronic documents.

The B2Brouter API allows to submit, receive, validate and transform any of the allowed documents defined in the PEPPOL BIS (Business Interoperability Specifications).

Connect to PEPPOL