We help you work with B2B Router

What's B2B Router?

B2BRouter is a portal to send and receive electronic invoices. It also provides other functionalities related to the billing process and the management of payments and collections or direct connections to B2B platforms of Governments. Everything from the cloud without downloading applications.


Which B2B Router services are free of charge?

The Basic plan is fully functional and has no limitations as to the number of invoices sent or customers. Some functions, however, are reserved for payment plans, although with very tight quotas and can be assumed by most companies and professionals. See Premium plans.


How to start?

In order to use B2B Router, you must register, accept the legal and usage conditions and activate the account through the link that is received by email.


Where are my invoices?

Your data is stored on the Invinet servers and will only be visible to users associated with the account. Electronic invoices issued and received are available for a minimum of three months free of charge. The payment plans provide for conservation for five years. See Premium plans.


What is a digital signature and a delegated signature?

A digital signature is information added to an electronic invoice that ensures that the biller is who they claim to be, and that no one has changed the content of the invoice since it was issued. To generate this information, we use a digital certificate.

The delegated signature means using Invinet's digital certificate for signing instead of using the certificate from your own company. provides the delegated signature mechanism for free. You can also subscribe for an specific plant to use your own certificate.


Is it mandatory to digitally sign an invoice?

Not in dispatches between individuals, but for those destined to the Public Administration in some countries.


Who is responsible for the contents of the invoice?

In all cases, and even using delegated a signature, the biller is responsible for the content of the invoice.


What are the terms and conditions of use of the portal?

They are detailed here and must be explicitly accepted by the user when registering as a user in the portal.