Send electronic invoice to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

With B2Brouter you will be able to send electronic invoices to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid through FACe and correctly generate your electronic invoice in FacturaE 3.2 format with the mandatory DIR3 codes incorporated: Accounting Office, Processing Unit and Management Body.

Send electronic invoice to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Consult the DIR3 codes of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid to make an electronic invoice

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Basic information

  • NIF (CIF): ESQ2818029G
  • Edificio Ortega y Gasset, Calle Madrid, 133
  • 28903 Getafe
  • Madrid
  • Spain
  • See the map
Invoice delivery method
Transport: FACe
Document type: FacturaE 3.2
Organisational units Accounting office Management body Processing unit
Apoyo a la organización de la docencia y gestión de grado U03600001 U03600001 GE0012309
Bibliotecas U03600001 U03600001 GE0011694
Infraestructuras y Servicios en Colmenarejo U03600001 U03600001 GE0011801
Infraestructuras y Servicios en Getafe U03600001 U03600001 GE0011798
Infraestructuras y Servicios en Leganes U03600001 U03600001 GE0011799
Infraestructuras y Servicios IT Para Usuarios U03600001 U03600001 GE0011802
Obras-Oficina Energia Desarrollo y Entorno U03600001 U03600001 GE0011692
Oficina Económica de Getafe U03600001 U03600001 GE0011690
Oficina Económica de Leganés U03600001 U03600001 GE0011689
Oficina Energía, Desarrollo y Entorno - Madrid Puerta Toledo U03600001 U03600001 GE0011803
Prevencion Riesgos Laborales U03600001 U03600001 GE0011800
Procesos Generales y Calidad U03600001 U03600001 GE0011695
Recursos Humanos y Organización U03600001 U03600001 GE0011693
Servicio de Informática U03600001 U03600001 GE0011691

What is FACe?

FACe is the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices of the General Administration of the Spanish State. It is a single entry point for these documents and is valid for all autonomous communities.

The format supported by FACe is Facturae, with the obligation to specify the DIR3 codes.

B2Brouter is connected with FACe, so your invoices will be sent to the Point of Entry directly and automatically. In this way you can also be informed of the status of your invoice through our notification system.

What are the DIR3 codes?

The DIR3 codes are three mandatory data that must be specified in the electronic invoices issued to the public administrations of Spain. The 3 codes correspond to Managing Body, Processing Unit and Accounting Office.

In B2Brouter's directory you can find the verified DIR3 codes of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as well as those of other public administrations.

When is it mandatory to make an electronic invoice?

In Spain, electronic invoicing has been mandatory since 2015 for suppliers of the public administration (Town Councils, Regional Governments, Generalitat, Health Services, Universities, etc.). Companies or freelancers that are subcontractors or contractors of public contracts must also issue their invoices in electronic format through the FACeB2B system.

For the public sector, invoices must be sent in Facturae format and electronic invoices must be sent through the appropriate Entry Point.

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